Lana Rhoades – Overconfidence Sapphire (Rye Films)

A new and overconfident Superheroine decides to end Kristohph’s career all by herself to establish a position in the league of heroines. Unfortunately for Sapphire the impossibly powerful Monster of Dr. Skullion shows up and drains her powers leaving Sapphire helpless. Kristoph takes full advantage of the young heroine’s new predicament by letting an old rival she sent to jail take advantage of her! Sapphire is groped and beaten senseless by the brute and eventually let down from her restraints. She tries to mount an offense but without her super powers she is humiliated. Saphhire is finished off with a crushing bearhug before her foe cashes the ultimate check. The rookie is passed back to Kristoph for seconds and the disorientated heroine can only moan in protest as Kristoph has his way with her.

This video includes a beatdown, bearhug, rape roleplay, tied-up beating and strangulation, as well as simulated missionary, doggy-style, and standing missionary.

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