LBC Fetish – Randy Moore & Aaliyah Love – Schoolgirl Spanks Her Teacher

A classic tale (or tail)…of turning the tables. Young Aaliyah has been failing and the instructor Ms Moore has made a wager with her. If she fails again, she’ll get spanked…but if she passes, she gets to punish her teacher’s ass. Well, we know what happens here…Aaliyah gets an A…and now she gets to turn the tables on teacher. She has Ms Moore bend over her lap and removes her tight red skirt. Her pantyhose covered rump protrudes delightfully. Aaliyah peels them down revealing a peachy smooth round ass. Aaliyah kneads it, squeezes it, spreads it and spanks it till it’s red. Then she has a little surprise…a formidable looking stainless steel toy comprised of connected balls of increasing size. She spits on her perfect pale pink asshole, then lubes up the toy and proceeds to work it into Ms Moore’s tight little rosebud of an asshole until it all but disappears….and then she works it in and out. Ms. Moore is completely humiliated…but also turned on, and she reaches between her legs and rubs her juicy pussy. Ah…revenge tastes so good! Poor Ms Moore better be careful about making wagers with her students again…unless she enjoys it!

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