Licking Girls Feet – FOX – Your tongue is like a washing machine for my feet

Fox thinks that her slave polina is not worthy of her clean feet. She deliberately heavily soiled her feet and ordered the slave to lick all the dirt from them. polina knows that she has no way to refuse and she began to follow Fox’s order. She took out her long tongue and ran it over Fox’s dirty soles. A lot of dirt got into her mouth, but the slave did not give up and carefully licked the feet of her Mistress. Fox watched her efforts and smiled .. she likes to watch polina humiliate herself in front of her. Looking at the dirty face and tongue of the slave, you might think that she had enough dirty feet for today .. but Fox does not think so. She went to the common entrance and soiled her feet even more. polina understood that this could go on indefinitely until Fox got tired of humiliating her.

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