LICKING GIRLS FEET – NICOLE and SARAH – Do you really want to be our slave, loser?

Avril has been tweeting Nicole and Sarah for a long time about the foot worship session. She is a modest girl but couldn’t resist and really wanted to taste the feet of Nicole and Sarah. The girls still took pity on the pathetic avril and allowed her to come to them .. As soon as the girls wrote to her, she immediately dropped everything and went to them from another city .. As soon as avril entered the apartment, Nicole and Sarah immediately began to humiliate and insult her .. avril realized that it wouldn’t be sweet .. The girls ordered her to undress to the goal and put her on her knees. “You wrote to us a lot! Do you want to worship our feet? Do you understand that not everyone deserves it? You’ll be our whore always and everywhere! Now you are our slave and will follow all our orders and whims!” – Said the girls of the new slave, looking down at her. “Yes, of course, Mistresses” – avril faithfully nodded her head, ready for any humiliation. The girls took the pathetic slave into the room and continued to explain to her that now she is their property and she has no rights .. They spat in her face and slapped her. “Let’s check how strong this whore is” – Nicole suggested and Sarah gladly agreed. The girls began to trample the loser and jump on her back from the sofa. The slave lay face down on the floor .. she moaned but faithfully endured the entire weight of the girls. They spat on her face and on the floor, ordering her to lick their spit off the floor. The girls decided to reward her for her strength and allowed her to lick the sweat from their bare feet. avril realized that this was her chance to show them how much she loved their feet and began to throughly lick all the sweat from their feet. “You came from another city to humiliate yourself in front of us.. loser.. Are you hungry? We’ll feed you now.. get used to this food. You won’t get another one!” – The girls scoffed and took out food for pets. avril, smacking her lips, began to eat the food of the pets. “Thank you my Goddesses. You are very kind” – She thanked the girls. avril realized that now she is a slave to Nicole and Sarah and many humiliations await her ahead.

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