Licking Girls Feet – Rachel – Pray and worship me, bitch!

Rachel and her stupid whore marina have a tradition of celebrating “Goddess Day.” A day of worship and admiration. When she returned home, marina was obediently waiting for her in her place. “Today is your holiday, stupid whore, you will pray to me!” said the Goddess and allowed the pathetic slave to touch her boots with her lips. Rachel then took off her boots and allowed marina to clean them completely with her tongue. marina doesn’t like it, but her appearance shows the opposite. The pathetic slave continues to pray and beg her Goddess to let her taste her feet. But the Goddess continues to mock and tease the stupid whore, not allowing her to enjoy the taste of her feet. Soon Rachel took pity on the stupid slut and let her wash her feet with her tongue. marina diligently licks her Mistress’s feet so as not to disappoint her. Rachel is pleased with the celebration of worship and admiration.

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