Licking Girls Feet – RADA – Admire me, stupid slave

Rada has many slaves and each of them wants to show their loyalty. malvina adores and admires Rada.. Rada is a Goddess for her.. everything that Rada orders her, she’ll do without hesitation. The slave prays to the photo of her Goddess and kisses it.. She dreams of kissing Rada for real, but of course she isn’t worthy of it. Rada even limited her slave to kissing her feet. “Do you want to kiss me whore? Do you understand that you aren’t worthy? You aren’t even worthy of kissing my beautiful feet. But I am kind today and I will let you kiss my feet but not much.” Rada taunts the slave. malvina thanks her Goddess, prays for her photo and kisses her feet as much as she was allowed to. The slave throughly licked Rada’s shoes, inside the same way. She loudly inhaled the fragrance of her Goddess’ shoes and enjoyed. She thanked Rada for every opportunity to worship her.

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