Licking Girls Feet – RADA – Let’s see how well you did with the cleaning!

The Rada decided to do a general cleaning at home. But she was not going to do it with her own hands .. she instructed her slave avril to clean her apartment to perfect cleanliness. Upon her return, Rada decided to check how avril coped with this order. “Clean my shoes after the street, it seems they are also in the dust after the outside” – said Rada and went into the room. While avril cleaned her shoes with her tongue after a walk, Rada checked every corner of her apartment for cleanliness. She was dissatisfied with the work of avril, all her feet were covered in dust and dirt, and avril needs to be washed all over again. First, Rada made her clean her feet and swallow what she couldn’t wash off the floor with a rag. After that, she began to wash the floor with the help of the avril tongue, Rada washed the floor and baseboards. “Now you will lick my feet again and go to clean everything again, but under my strict control” said Rada. She settled on avril’s back, placing her feet near her face. avril was very hard and uncomfortable. But this could not have happened if she had fulfilled the order of her Mistress with high quality.

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