Liza K - Eye crossed obedient slave sisters (Part 1 + 2)

Liza K – Eye crossed obedient slave sisters (Part 1 + 2)

“Liza was surfing the net when her younger sister came into the room. She was going to the date so was pretty dressed up. At first Liza didn’t pay attention on her sister’s clothes but in a second realized that it was HER skirt and top! What a bitch! She always took sister’s clothes without permission! Liza was pissed off and ordered Tessa to give her stuff back immediately! But Tessa was not in the mood to give up easily. So she took the clothes off but at the same time she took off their granny’s necklace and started to sway it in front of Liza’s face. In a few seconds Lisa’s eyes met it the center and her will was totally under sister’s control! Well, now Tessa will have some fun before leaving! She was going to humiliate her arrogant sister turning her into obedient slave! But… she forgot the little nuance… the master must not drop the necklace or stop swaying it! In that case the magic power stops working! Liza was really furious when she realized that her sister was dominating her! So she took the revenge that very moment! They switched a couple more times loosing their power by accident until…

You came in just in time to pick up the necklace which these two chicks were using to turning each other into obedient eye-crossed slaves. The next day you ordered them to come to your place and started having fun using your new toys the way you wanted. Of course they were told to take off their clothes and to repeat that they love their Master on and on. Opening their crossed eyes with their fingers as wide as they could they continued follow your orders. So you ordered your personal sluts to fuck with each other and then to start doing what they were born for – to suck your hard big cock. You cum on their sweet tits and rewarded them with your big load!”

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