Ludella Hahn – Superheroine Serum Transformation – Sex with Supergirl

This clip includes: Nerd to Babe, Scientist to Superheroine, POV, Special FX, transformation fetish, transformation fantasies, breast expansion, muscles, flexing, muscle growth, makeover, redhead, spandex, bodysuit, catsuit, dressing, Big Boobs, Curvy, Booty, Simulated Sex, Contains Nudity

Ludella is a scientist working in pharmaceuticals. She knows her husband has a Supergirl fetish and she wishes she could be as attractive as a superheroine, so she steals an experimental serum from the lab that is supposed to enhance a human’s DNA to superhuman qualities. She justifies her theft by deeming herself a test subject. She is a scientist after all and this is just research, though really she wants her husband to look at her the way he looked at a hot girl dressed as a superheroine at a party they just attended. She drinks the serum and begins to feel warm inside. Her clothes feel tighter, so she strips out of her lab coat and her flat chest begins to grow. Soon she has HUGE TITS. Next her bland hair becomes voluminous and her features become more feminine and pretty. Her vision is perfect and she no longer needs her glasses. She now has SUPER VISION. She flexes her biceps and sees that she now has muscles. She decides to test her strength and strips down to her bra and booty shorts, but her boobs have gotten so big that her bra can no longer contain them. She flexes her calves and squeezes her quads together. Then she tests out her glutes. She takes out her safety from her briefcase and can bend the steel blade in half. Then she lifts the heavy antique chair in her parlor that she could never budge before. She has SUPER STRENGTH. She is pleased with the results of the serum; she has TRANSFORMED herself into a SUPERHEROINE. She dresses in a Supergirl bodysuit that she picked up, feeling her new hot body under the shiny spandex. She poses and flexes, excited to suprise her husband. She disguises herself in her normal clothes. Her husband comes home (POV). She asks how he’d feel about fulfilling his superheroine fantasy. He tries to play it cool. She then tells him about her new powers and opens her blouse to reveal the Supergirl logo. She strips down to the suit and poses for him. Then she decides to fulfill his ultimate fantasy: sex with Supergirl.

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