Ludella Hahn – While She’s Sleeping: Taboo Limp Play with Sleepy Sister

POV hides out in his sister’s closet till he sees her take her sleeping pill and go to sleep. She always talks about how quickly it knocks her out and how she could sleep through anything, and he’s been wanting to test that out for himself, to explore her body. Once he hears her snore, he knows she’s out, so he creeps out of the closet and over to her bed. He’s cautious at first, not knowing if she’ll really sleep through him touching her. He slowly pulls down the blankets to reveal her big tits in her practically sheer nightie. She’s always been such a tease…and now he’s finally going to get what he wants.

She stirs a little when he pulls the blanket down, so he steps back cautiously to make sure she won’t wake up. When she doesn’t, he reaches for her breasts. They feel so big and juicy in his hands. Before he goes any further, he wants to make sure she’s really out, so he lifts and drops her arms again and again to see if she’ll wake. They fall limply, but she doesn’t stir. He goes back for her juicy tits, but when he’s about to take her nightie down to see them bare, she moans. He quickly steps back and ducks down.

He goes back to some more limp play with her arm. When she doesn’t react, he pulls the blankets the rest of the way down. He can see her panties exposed under her short nightie. He lifts and bends and drops her thick curvy legs. They fall heavily, and she still doesn’t stir, so he decides it’s safe to pull down her nightgown to see her big juicy tits. He gropes and squeezes them, then caresses his hand down her body over her waist and panties and down her thigh when she stirs and changes positions.

He quickly backs away and ducks down. She doesn’t wake…just adjusts herself in her sleep, to an even more provacative position with her legs open. It’s so tempting for POV. When she stops moving, he goes back to groping her legs. He lifts one of them to play with her bare foot. He’s never been able to touch any of her before, and now he has all of her…and she’ll never even know. He lifts the other leg and drops it do it falls heavily. She moans, but doesn’t move. He makes her mouth open and close, then tugs on her ponytail letting her head drop limply onto her pillow. He manipulates her arm and wrist, and she still doesn’t wake. He’s about to flip her over when he gets distracted by her exposed panties, so he slips his fingers under, tempted to take them off. He flips her over though and plays with her big butt first, jiggling it around, caressing all her curves. When he goes to grab her breasts again, she moves and moans, so he backs away. She’s still asleep though, so he goes back in and pulls her panties down. Her big juicy ass is completely bare and exposed. She makes moaning noises when he starts to jiggle it aggressively, but she doesn’t wake. It seems she wasn’t exaggerating about how these pills knock her out. He gets on the bed with her and unzips, grabbing her big ass and pulling her head back by her ponytail. All she does is moan. She’s still asleep, completely unaware and like putty in his hands. He can do anything he wants to her. He might need to make a habit of this.

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