Ludella Hahn's Fetish Adventures - POV Vampire Seduction Become the Vampire Queen's Slave

Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures – POV Vampire Seduction Become the Vampire Queen’s Slave

This clip includes: POV, Vampires, Mesmerizing, Brainwashing, Magic Control, Femdom, POV Foot Worship, POV ASS Worship, Tit Play, Trance, Erotic Magic, Magic Control, Supernatural, BIG TITS, Curves, CONTAINS NUDITY

Ludella the Vampire Queen has been terrorizing the town, and you’ve taken it upon yourself to stake her through the heart to put an end to it. You’ve found her vampire lair and the COFFIN she sleeps in. You carefully open it, but you become stunned by her beauty. You get up the nerve to drive the stake through her heart, but just as you’re about to do it, you stop. You’re becoming MESMERIZED by her beauty. She opens her eyes and starts using her vampire powers on you immediately, entrancing you with her EROTIC MAGIC. She puts you under her SPELL. You no longer want to stop her, you want to SERVE HER. She proves this by exposing her BIG TITS and telling you to try staking her heart, but you can’t. You don’t want to stop her anymore; you indeed want to serve her. With her MAGIC CONTROL over you, she has you worship her BIG BUTT and her size 7 feet, kissing them to show your worship. She dances for you with her pale curvaceous body, caressing her big tits and curves, and tells you that you now exist solely for her needs…and she is never satisfied…she is always hungry for more. She has you lay down and she straddles you…and soon sinks her teeth in…and you lay there giving her everything she wants. She owns you now.

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