Meana Wolf – Fuckability

Tomorrow was the big presentation, but you still had to get through sharing a hotel room with your coworker tonight. Sure, she was hot as fuck, but she was a real ball buster, and there’s only one bed for the two of you. Of course, she’ll stay on the couch if you agree to let her take the lead on the presentation tomorrow. When you head back to corporate tomorrow night, everyone needs to know that you were the one that sealed the deal. Your career is riding on this, so you tell her a polite fuck no. Bus she has a very intriguing wager to make; if you make her cum first, she’s on the couch. But if you cum first? She get’s the bed and the glory. Hopefully her boyfriend will stop calling long enough for you to use all your best moves on her. Cuz you’re definitely going to win, right?

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