Meana Wolf - Never Leave Mommy

Meana Wolf – Never Leave Mommy

Hi sweetie. Can you help mommy clean the cupboards? Well…because we have to move baby. Well your step dad is moving out…and I can’t afford a 2 bedroom anymore. We’re going to have to share a 1 bedroom from now on. Oh baby, it’s not your fault. Your step dad was a dick…I know you didn’t like him. He wasn’t good enough for us baby. You know you’re really the only man I can count on in my life…we have a special connection. Oh my…sweetie…you have to…um tuck in your boner. You can’t just walk around with your boner hanging out silly heheh. Are you feeling something down there…for mommy? You can take care of me is that it? heheh We can take care of each other baby. All you’re the only man I need…and you’ll never leave mommy will you?
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Mom is cleaning the cupboards. Her ass jiggles underneath her short summer dress. You can’t help but get hard watching her scrub the shelves. Mommy is so lonely…she says you’re the only man she needs. She see’s your cock hard in your pajamas…it feels so right when she touches your hard cock. You wan’t to take care of her. She takes out your cock and slides it into her mouth. “You’ll never leave me will you baby?”

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