Meana Wolf – Protect Me

You’d really stepped in it this time. Your bookie was after you for 1M, and he promised he was gonna take it out on your wife if you didn’t come up with the money. You didn’t have it of course. You’d spun so many lies and did so many shady deals with so many people you couldn’t keep track anymore. You were in big trouble. So you went to the only person you knew who could help you… an old friend. He was connected… wealthy… a successful and respected member of the community. Lucky for you he was willing to help you on one condition… he wanted a piece of your wife. You were so fucking angry. But most of all you were angry at yourself for not being able to protect your wife from the men that meant to do her harm. Who were you to deny him her perfect pussy. He deserved it more than you. And she was more than willing to give it to him.

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