MFX Piss Slave – Serious Abuse – Lesbian piss humiliation

The movie starts off with two dommes are seen on a park bench who decide to go visit their slave and have some fun with her. The slave (in a nice leather harness with ball gag) is lightly whipped, has her tongue stretched with a clothespin and then the fun begins. The dommes piss in her mouth through a funnel, she swallows and gargels. She is stomped, made to lick the dommes’ boots and made to lick up the mess on the floor. Rinse and repeat. Well, don;t rinse, actually.

Then the dommes have the neat idea of peeing into a plastic bag and enveloping the slave’s head with it. Joy, happiness and laughter ensues – on the dommes’ part, that is. There is more slurping up pee from the floor and the slave is made to gag on a dildo. There is more piss drinking and now also some pussy licking, with the usual verbal abuse. A few more light whip strokes, a friendly ‘Ciao”, and the dommes replace the ball gag and leave the snivelling slave.

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