Mindi Mink – Mom Fucks You In Front Of Dad

You are now considered a man by your Step Mom and Dad, your step mom has sexual needs 3-4 times a day and your Dad cannot do it alone. It is time that you participate around the house by fucking your step mom anytime that you want or she desires. Dont worry this will be the family secret, and you are not to tell any of your friends. You have been checking out your step mom for years, masturbating thinking of her. She leans back into the couch and pulls up her dress and starts playing with her pussy through her panties and pulls out her breasts and nipples for you to gaze at. Your dad and her keep talking to each other about everyday normal stuff while seducing you. It totally turns you on knowing that she loves your big young hard cock and your Dad is watching you fuck her and pleasing her. She loves it, screaming fuck me, fuck me and saying how amazing your cock is and she tells you she is cumming! She loves that you are still so hard for her and will be fucking you again before dinner.

She goes to cook some dinner for everyone and comes back to announce that dinner will be ready in ten minutes, and its time to fuck again. This time you get to be behind her, she continues to talk to your dad at the table about weekend activities with also looking back at you telling you how much bigger you are than your dad and to keep fucking her hard. This time you get to cum inside of her……

After movie time you are up in their bedroom and she is riding you slowly with her big tits in your face just fucking you in front of your dad as if nothing is going on. She has been waiting for this type of relationship with you and now she is taking full advantage of the situation. She speeds up and bounces fast and hard on you and cums again….she just loves fucking you in front of daddy.

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