MindiMink’sPlayhouse – Mindi Mink – Stepmom And Son Sex ED (Part 3)

Mindi is in the bathroom sucking on her sons hard cock, she encourages him to give her a huge facial as her husband is downstairs having breakfast. He covers her face, it is in her eye and her hair. She tells her son that tonight he is going to become a man as she is going to complete his sex education by allowing him to fuck her. Later, she enters the bedroom dressed in sexy lingerie, she tells him he is in good hands as she strokes his cock. She undresses in front of him, lies on the bed and has him touch her pussy, sliding a finger in her warm, wetness. She is enjoying what he is doing to her… when she is just about to cum, she has him stop because she wants to orgasm with him inside her. She gets on top of him and rubs her pussy on his hard cock. It is time to put his cock in her, but first, he must put on a condom which Mindi helps him with. She slowly lowers herself on to his hard cock. She increases the tempo, feeling an orgasm begin to well up inside her. She wants to feel all of her son, so she jumps off his cock and tears the condom off him. She wants him to cum inside her… she climbs back on a rides him to a huge orgasm. She asks him to fuck her doggy style, slamming his cock in to her wet pussy hard and fast. She has another big orgasm. She is so happy to be fucked so well. They fuck reverse cowgirl and missionary until he fills her pussy with the hot cum she desires. She is amazed at how much cum he has dumped inside her. She tells him that she has been fucked a lot in her lifetime and that he is the best she has ever had… they agree to continue having the great fuck sessions. Mindi could not be happier

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