Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Caned Until she Cries Part 1

Rabbit has called to My office for being late to class three times this week, she jauntily skips into My room sucking on a lollipop and is met with disgust and sent out. No manners, total disregard for why she is here, how very rude!!! After chastising her severely she is sent out again. her sheepish entrance and submissive demeanour ensures she has remembered her place and found those manners however she smirks and that is met with back of My hand wiping the smile onto the floor. Knickers off, legs spread and skirt lifted. I must ensure she is taught how to behave, how to compose oneself in front of the Headmistress and a cold caning will ensure just that. she is quiet to start, the slap reminding her to focus and behave. As the cane strokes grow her legs begin to buckle and she can no longer stand… so I help her up!!!

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