Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Carnal Caning

Naughty girls must be taught a lesson and this one has been particularly impertinent as of late. This punishment is being given to leave a lasting impression, so there is no warmup neccessary. I am dressed in jeans, a tight white vest and thigh boots. My arsenal of canes laid out ready for action as I invite rabbit to present herself to Me. Naked and shaking she bends over the spanking, sticking her bottom out for impending annihilation. I start with the junior Kooboo cane, its stingy swish reverberating off the cottage walls. I swiftly move to the senior then onto the dragon set of canes (junior, senior, reformatory and prison) I capture rabbits facial expressions for you all to enjoy as each strike connects with her skin. she starts to cry out loudly so I tape her mouth firmly shut to cease her incessant wailing. I swing the wangee cane across her cheeks, a shrill shriek still able to escape her mouth restraint and her knees start to buckle…….. I laugh, I’ve only just started. I still have My entire synthetic collection to go through. rabbits eyes widen as she realises how serious and sadistic this punishment will be. Hopefully, this will finally knock some sense into her, although I revel in the fact it won’t!!!

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