Missa X- The Contest

Nadya needs her stepfather’s help with a contest she’s having with her best friend-who gives the best blowjobs. Unfortunately for Nadya, she’s a little inexperienced. Nadya thinks her stepfather’s dick will help with this inexperience. The first prize is $300, and Nadya could use the money. Her stepfather was hesitant, but once Nadya said she’d blow the next door neighbor, of course he caved. Nadya takes off his pants off to find a limp dick. So she strips and poses for her stepfather until he starts stroking his massive cock. Nadya wraps her tongue around her step daddy’s huge cock. Then she takes his cock and squeezes it with her huge tits. She sucks until he cums in her tender mouth.
the next day Nadya comes back with the good news that they won the contest. Unforutunately, Nadya’s best friend now says she’s the best at sex; and Nadya can’t let her win. They fuck until Nadya’s step daddy cums inside her virgin pussy.

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