MissaX – Blair Williams – Desperate Maid Gets Blackmailed 3

Blair is sweating, cleaning the floor as efficiently as she can. She worries Mr. Echo’s wife may fire her, she seems to look for any excuse to speak harshly towards sweet-natured Blair. Mr. Echo comes in and watches her clean the floor on her hands and knees, her full breasts sway left to right in her modest maid’s uniform. Blair looks up at him, he gives her strict instruction not to clean the bedroom. “Your wife asked me to take the rug outside to clean, and..” Robby cuts her off and tells her with a demanding tone to not to clean the bedroom. Blair scrunches her brow. The Echo family live in an old Victorian home. The Mrs. expressed her displeasure at the old creaky wood floor, the squeaks in the doors, and the general creepy feeling of a home nearly two-hundred years old. Robby Echo is a very wealthy man, he could afford a modern mansion, but he has a strong attachment to the home, he hired Blair to keep the home clean, but mainly to entertain the Mrs. She truly enjoys bossing people around, and since she rarely leaves the home, she entertains herself with antagonizing sweet Blair. Blair cleans the floor and the idea that she is not to go in the bedroom is gnawing at her, “but why?” “What sort of secret are they keeping inside that room?” Her curiosity gets the better of her and she sneaks up the stairs. Blair opens the door, she sees a heart shaped box, brand new, painted with cherry red and princess pink. She smiles, her heart is beating fast, she walks towards the box and peeks inside. The luxuries inside are incredible, 8 karat diamond ring, vintage opal and citrine stone cocktail necklace, and oh– so many beautiful items, if only she knew what it felt like to wear them. She puts them on, they make her feel like a movie star, out of her dirty maid’s uniform, and into an evening gown. Blair bites her lip, she knows what kind of money just one piece could bring to her, she desperately needs the money for her son. She selects a few items, slides them off her wrist and fingers, and cautiously puts them in her pocket. *Creeeeaakkk* the front door opens, she hears the heavy footsteps of Mr. Echo coming up the stairs. Blair looks for an escape, not out the bedroom door, he’ll see her, she panics and hides under the bed! Robby’s black patent wingtip shoes enter the bedroom. Blair sees them, she puts her hand over her mouth, holds her breath, she wishes she could turn her body into liquid and escape. “Blair?” She ignores him. “Blair?!” She ignores him. “BLAIR?! I hear you breathing.” Her eyes fill with tears, she tries not to cry, she searches her mind for a lie, anything to get her out of this situation. Watch the story unfold..

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