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Dear Reader,

Every decision you make has a consequence, every. single. decision. I remember last year I found a bong in my step-sister’s underwear drawer. I told on her. The decision I made was because, on a subconscious level, I knew she’d get grounded for a very long time. I like that. I like the idea of Blair around whenever I want to talk to her. I like her. I enjoy her company. She’s getting older, she wants to have boyfriends, and the more she hangs out with boys, the less interest she has in talking to me.
She got in deep , her dad was furious and grounded her for a year, and my mom predictably stood behind him on that decision. Was it selfish of me? Maybe. I could argue that I was helping her, who knows what sort of dark rabbit hole she could fall into with the crowd she was hanging around? I’m a good guy, mostly good, like most people, probably like yourself. Wouldn’t you say you were mostly good? She got into trouble because I told on her, and now you know that I had somewhat selfish motives, but hey– I was protecting her also.
I’m not feeling too guilty about ratting Blair out. I’ve been busy living life to the fullest while Blair is grounded to the house. I met this hot blonde babe, Emma, and had a fiery two month long relationship with her. Our relationship ended when I thought I could do better than her, so I broke it off and pursued another chick. This other chick isn’t even important enough to name, she was a mistake. I missed Emma, I deeply regretted splitting up with her. It was a mistake that she hasn’t forgiven and she won’t take me back. You bet your ass I’ve got a plan to win her back.
I know that chicks always want what they can’t have. I’ll tell Blair to pretend she’s my girlfriend, Emma will see this tall hottie and be wildly jealous. I’m observant and I’ve seen how chicks operate. I’ve just got to talk my sister into pretending to be my girlfriend. Will there going to be a consequence to this decision? Yeah. I shudder to even tell you. I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Dean Taylor

Dear Reader,

Have you ever been so horny that everything you see looks like some sort of phallic symbol? It’s a miserable and frustrating feeling to be constantly thinking about sex, my pussy aching and throbbing off and on all day long. I wish I could go out and meet a guy. It’s not just horniness that I feel but the lack of stimulation that comes from courting a guy. I love the tease. I live for all the subtle touches, flirty words, and sultry glances exchanged with a guy when I’m trying to make him mine. I can’t go out and meet a guy. I’m eighteen years old but I’m grounded to my house for an entire year, like some bratty schoolgirl, all because my step-brother ratted me out for having a glass bong in my drawer.

I look at my phone and try to live through my girlfriends and their experiences, they’re all going out on dates, going to concerts, and Summertime festivals, and I dream that I’m one of them, that I’m free. I try to dream which guy I would date if I wasn’t confined to my house. I’m only allowed permission to go to school and come back home. Did you know that even my phone time is limited? My phone is paid for by my parents and they have a control on it that only allows for two hours of internet a day. Just two hours! It’s criminal.

One day I was scrolling through my phone when Dean came up and stood by me. Dean, my step-brother, and I used to be good friends, before he ratted me out. He’s the “golden boy,” he can do no wrong, and his very presence annoys me. I asked him to leave me alone but he wanted to right his wrong. The idea of him apologizing was interesting to me, he never apologizes for anything. He asked me if he could take me to a concert, “Agent Zero.” I was filled with excitement! They’re my favorite band in the entire world! Nothing in life comes for free, and Dean wanted something in return. He wanted me to pretend to be his girlfriend so that he could make his ex-girlfriend jealous.

I was opposed to the idea at first, but I considered that this was the only way I could get out of the house and have a real experience. I agreed and began to get ready. I took an hour in the shower as I meticulously shaved my legs, my armpits, and considered how I could play the role of a vixen, a seductress. The ideas whirled through my head and began to turn me on. I no longer felt like Blair but I was a femme fatale, a seductress, and actress, just like in Hollywood! I touched myself in the shower and couldn’t find relief to my sexual tension. I need a man. I’m so horny all the time. It’s all Dean’s fault. I hear him knock on my bedroom door while I’m laying out my clothes. What transpired next is too intense to explain. Watch my story unfold, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Blair Williams

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