MissaX – Bridgette B And Shyla Jennings – Give Me Shelter Lost Girl

Bridgette drives to the Jennings house where a little eighteen year old girl, Shyla, has been tormenting her sweet-natured daughter, Jill. She wants to speak to Shyla’s mother but no one has been answering the phone. Brigette wonders if the mother is just as bad as the daughter as she rings the door bell.

Shyla answers the door wearing a sexy crop top and denim shorts that she would never allow Jill to wear. Shyla puts her hand on her hip and sneers, “who are you and what do you want?”
Bridgette? tries to compose herself. This brat needs to be punished, but still she is a beautiful girl. I wonder if she has gotten away with being a brat her entire life because people fawn over her beautiful face.
Shyla points to the sign near the doorbell, “the sign out there says no soliciting, bitch, can you not read?”
“I’m Jill’s mommy, Shyla. I’d like to speak to your parents.”
Shyla’s eyes go wide, “Oh?.. sorry ma’am.. why don’t you come in?”

Shyla and Bridgette wait on the back patio while Bridgette warns her that she will not allow her daughter to be bullied. Shyla begins to tear up.

Bridgette, “cut the crocodile tears, you’re very popular at school. I know exactly how you get all your friends to bully my darling Jill.”
“That’s my entourage, not my friends, they aren’t real.. not like Jill was to me. I don’t even have my mom or dad to love me. All I want is to be loved.”
Bridgette recoils. Shyla is obviously a neglected girl at home all alone.
Shyla looks up at Bridgette with her doe-eyes, “Did you know your daughter was a lesbo?”
Bridgette recoils slightly, “That’s not a nice word. But yes– I knew she was sexually attracted to women. She never told me, but I knew.”
Shyla grits her teeth, “Well now she fucks around with this football player now, he’s a total douche, but hey– at least she looks straight.”
“John is a nice boy, and Jill, I think she’s bisexual. There’s nothing abnormal about being attracted to the same sex. You’ll see that when you get older, probably in the Fall when you go to college. There are lots of girls that are lesbian.”
Shyla scoffs and rolls her eyes.
Bridgette, “Honey, it’s true. I know because I am a bi-sexual woman.”
“You are?”
“Well, I am married to Jill’s father right now, but I’ve always been more sexually attracted to women than men. I had a girlfriend for five years before I met my husband.”
Shyla lets her curious thoughts out un-filtered, “so being gay is, like, genetic?”
“I don’t know honey, maybe. Do you think that my Jill is just being friendly and you misinterpret her kindness for flirting?”
Shyla shakes her head no, “She pursued me. She started teasing me by not wearing a bra and bending over when she knew I was looking, then when she was sitting behind me in class she’d play with my hair, she’d whisper dirty things in my ear. After a week of flirting, she kissed me in the locker room, we didn’t have any clothes on, she pressed her breasts against mine. I thought she was going to have sex with me, but the rest of the girls came in.
Bridgette, “Why did she break it off with you?”
Shyla, “I don’t know.. I told her my feelings for her, and then your little princess turned cold as ice.” Bridgette swallows, “it’s not like Jill to be so cruel. Honestly, I’m suspicious of your version of the story. I know you have done some very bad things.”
Shyla shrugs, “I’m mean to her, I won’t lie. I’m just trying to get even and maybe to get Jill to want me.. Jill responds to negative stuff, just like me with my mom. The more my mom is mean to me, the more I want her love.”
Bridgette empathetically, “Oh honey.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll stay away from Jill, like you said. I’m toxic. I’m destined to be alone.”
“Honey, I see a therapist that I think might do you good if you went to her as well. I could pay the bill, as long as your mother would approve, I think it would do you a lot of good to talk to someone.”
Shyla is shocked by Bridgette’s generosity, she glances at her full breasts in that blue dress. Bridgette’s nipples budding out even though it’s a warm Spring day. Shyla wonders how she could touch them, put her face on Bridgette’s breasts, as if they’re two pillows. She realizes she’s been staring.. she looks up at Bridgette? and asks, “Really?”
“Mrs. B.. Can I have a hug?”
Bridgette hugs Shyla, “of course, honey..”
Shyla closes her eyes and her face is near Bridgette’s breasts, she sighs? with deep satisfaction.
Bridgette pets Shyla’s back affectionately, “there.. there.. darling girl.”
Shyla smells Bridgette’s neck
Shyla whispers, “You’re so beautiful, even more so than Jill.”

Shyla trails her little hands up and down Bridgette’s forearm, “Your skin is so soft, Mrs. B.”
Bridgette? is embarrassed, “oh.. thank you..”
Shyla nuzzles her face into Bridgette’s breasts and looks up, “do you think I’m pretty enough to meet someone like you?”
Bridgette, “oh darling, you are a beautiful young woman. I know you’ll fall in love with someone, someone your own age, and they’ll return your love in spades.”
“It feels so good when you hold me like this, it feels like you really like me.”
Bridgette heart aches for Shyla, “I do like you, and I think we can all be friends if we work on being kind and amenable.”
Shyla whispers “Eskimo kiss” and she moves her nose to Bridgette’s.
Bridgette laughs at the cute gesture and looks away in embarrassment.
Shyla kisses Bridgette on the cheek, “I can be kind, gentle, I can be very amenable.”
Bridgette’s eyes go wide
Shyla pets Bridgette’s leg, “I can show you how I can follow the rules, give me an order and see.”
Bridgette peels away and clears her throat nervously, “oh!”
Shyla, “I’m sorry”
Bridgette looks at her empathetically.
Shyla, “I promise I won’t tell anyone if you were to kiss me, that is, if you’d even want to kiss me.”
Bridgette’s head is spinning. She can’t believe she’s considering it.
Shyla whispers, “please”

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