MissaX – Britney Light, Chad White, Emma Hix – Cruel Summer (25.10.2018)

Emma Hix schemes with her step-sister, Britney Light to hook her up with Emma’s faithful, unsuspecting, & well endowed husband, Chad White. Emma has another trick up her sleeve. (Threesome sex includes: creampie and cum in mouth)

Chad has been sneaking peeks at my step-sister, it’s how I know that my plan is working. I look at his swim trunks, I hid the ones that suppress his erection with an inner-liner. These are loose, and they show off that deliciously long shaft that I know my step-sister craves. She’s got a thing for big guys like Chad with a big package. She thinks I embellish his size, but I’m going to prove her wrong. I look around the boat to make sure there are no others nearby and I ask Chad loudly, “do you have a boner?”
Chad shoots a dirty look my way. I know he’s pissed, but seriously, it’s not polite to look at my step-sister the way he does. He can’t be that mad. He mutters back, “no, don’t embarrass me.”
Britney giggles, “at least he gets boners.” I know Britney’s thinking of her husband. He used to be a silver fox, but now he’s just a geezer.. too tired to fuck. It’d be sad if he wasn’t filthy rich. Britney is looking my way. I had better keep the conversation going. I swear sometimes she can read my thoughts, she’s been used to my little schemes for a long time. Poor girl, she’d probably never suspect to be the butt.
“So.. Britney.. Can old Doyle get it up for you anymore?”
Britney blushes, oh she’s good– she can fake a blush? “not to give a TMI, but I wonder if he saw my porn history and got a little complex about his penis size”
Chad’s ears perk up whenever he hears the “P” word, the man loves a sexy conversation as much as he tries to act conservative and proper, “why’s that?”
Britney glances my way as if she’s asking for permission, yet again, I smile to encourage her, “well let’s just say I’ve always been curious about being with a guy who’s very well endowed.”
I elbow Chad in the rubs, “Show Emma your dick.”
Chad looks at me with half disgust, half shock.
“C’mon babe, show her how big it is [to Britney] it’s huge.”
Chad looks around as if he scanning for boats nearby, there are none, we’re alone, “I’m not showing her my dick.” It’s at that moment, when I know he’s lying. He’s so proud of his dick, and the opportunity to show it to my hot blonde step-sister. Britney interrupts my thought.
“No, he doesn’t have to do that. I mean..”
Is Britney acting? I assure her, “he knows he’s got a massive cock, he loves to show it off to me all the time.” Chad asserts his goodness, “but you’re my wife.”
I roll my eyes, “and she’s my sister, what’s the big deal. We’re all family here.”
Britney is holding her breath. I swear she is so nervous. It makes me laugh.
Chad, “why would I want to show her my dick?”
“Oh, you’re making it so weird– you’re so sensitive.”
Britney, “Well it’s just a body part, I could look at it, I mean, if you think you have an exceptional penis.”
Chad humbly replies, “Well, I wouldn’t call it exceptional.” Liar. I know he needs an ego boost to knock him right over the edge, “it’s HUGE, massive, it can barely fit in my little pussy.. show her, it’s like a freak of nature, in a hot way.”
Chad suspiciously scans for boats as he clutches his waistband, “it’s not hard.. I’m nervous.”
Britney shrugs her shoulders, “all guys say they have a big dick. Back when I was on the dating sites, they’d all send me misleading pictures of their cocks.. only porn guys have big dicks”
Chad defensively replies with his index finger, “well I’m not a porn guy, but it’s pretty big.. Em’s right,” oh now.. this is good.
Britney dares, “prove it.”
Chad peels down his boxes shorts a bit.
Britney leans forward to peek. My eyes are locked on my step-sister as she coos, “wow.. it’s amazing.”
Chad smiles, “thanks. it can be a little uncomfortable to carry around all the time, and some girls are scared of it.. but lucky for me I met Emma”
“Is that the sort of penis that you masturbate to, Brit?
Britney nods in awe.
Chad laughs, “you girls are funny. Anyone want something to drink?”
Britney looks dizzy, “I think I better see if that water’s cold, I need to cool off.”
Britney dives into the water leaving me alone with Chad, and oh no– he’s flustered.
Chad stands up and rubs the back of his neck, “I don’t know why I just did that.”
“What?” I ask him, innocently.
“Showing your stepsister my dick. That’s so fucked up!”
“Does it turn you on that she’s probably going to be masturbating to ‘you’ now?”
Chad looks confused
“We know her husband doesn’t give it to her.”
“You’re acting wild today, not like yourself.”
I lean my head back and close my eyes.. “Maybe it’s the sun? I always feel mischievous in the Summer.”

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