Missax – Britney Light, Chad White, Emma Hix – Insomniac pts. 1 & 2 (14.08.2018)

Emma looks like she has a perfectly normal and pleasant life. She has everything going for her: she’s popular at school, she’s got a great job at the local diner, she’s got college to look forward to in a few months. What more could a girl ask for? Love? She has that too, the two people Emma loves the most: her step-brother, Chad, and her best friend, Brittany, also love her. She lives the ideal life in a suburban neighborhood, surrounded by love and acceptance, but she has one problem that keeps her from being seen as “normal,” she suffers from insomnia that distorts reality from dreams.
What if you were in her shoes? What if your pretty friend came by to visit and you dreamt of making love to her? You thought the dream was real! She felt warm, soft, and the sex was phenomenal. When you woke you saw that she was looking at your horrified as you masturbated in front of her. This is what it’s like to be Emma. She has urges galore. She’s thought about having sex with her best friend, but whom she’s really in love with, is so taboo it’s difficult to even confess to her Psychiatrist.. her own stepbrother, Chad.
Britney, the gorgeous curvy blonde, with the super-model face has had eyes for Chad White since the beginning of Freshman Year. She sees her window of opportunity running out as the Summer comes to an end, and college is starting. She is concerned for her friend’s unusual behavior, and it’s the perfect opportunity to talk to Chad, alone.

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