MissaX – Emma Hix – The Painter

Emma is a woman on a mission. She is looking for the perfect match to impregnate her, and no, the man can not be her husband. Her husband is a wealthy man who employs 372 people, and one of those employees is a handsome man, Chad. “I love my husband,” Emma explains to Chad with a factual voice, “but he’s not the most handsome man, or intelligent. He does have good qualities like kindness and ambition, but those are teachable qualities.” Emma has singled Chad out through a series of steps to be the perfect donor, but he is an honest man, and he must be convinced.

Emma has lured him to her home under the pretense that she will paint his portrait but he starts to become suspicious the more Emma pushes him to remove his shirt, to pour warm oil down his chest. She rubs it in and smells him, “you have good genetics,” she purrs giving Chad contracting feelings of arousal, confusion, and terror.

Chad steps down from the pedestal, “why do I get the feeling that I’m not here to get my portrait painted?”

“You’re not..” Emma confesses with a matter-of-fact tone, “you’re here to give me your seed.”

Chad looks confused, he glances towards the door. It’s so close yet so far away. Emma is his boss’ wife, could he offend her if he left? Her hard glare pierces through him, making his cock twitch, and his heart race.” Emma, ” I need your sperm.”

Chad claps his hands together, “well… I’ll bet Mr. Hix will be happy that I entertained your hobby, but I should get back to work.”

“You’re going to get me pregnant and we’re going to tell my husband that it’s his.”

Chad shakes his head no, “I’m sorry, but I don’t know who you think I am. This is not something I would EVER consider, even though you are a beautiful woman, you are married.. and I’m not the kind of guy– Emma interrupts

“And yet you stay. Why don’t you walk out the door? Is it because you feel vulnerable around women you want but can’t have?” It’s true that Chad has a thing for married women. When he met his wife, she was married. Controversy always seems to follow love for Chad, and now Emma stares at him, waiting for his response. He opens his mouth to speak and no sound comes out. “I.. I..” he is embarrassed at his stammering.

Emma, “I’m not asking for your heart. I won’t toy with you like Jenny did. I am merely asking you to take off my clothes, fuck me slow, deep, make me cum, and give me your seed.”

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