MissaX – Jessa Rhodes & Brooklyn Chase – The Divorce Party

Jessa is inviting all of her girlfriends over to Tyler’s Divorce Party. It’s just a little mellow get-together at Jessa’s house, some of the girls bought presents for him. They talked and laughed until the sun started to come up. Jessa said goodbye to her girlfriends, all but one, Brooklyn Chase. Brooklyn hid outside and waited for Jessa’s cue.
Jessa convinces Tyler to have a little fun, “get your dick wet a little bit,” and sleep with no strings attached with two of her girlfriends. Jessa explains, “you’re a handsome guy, my girlfriends have been waiting a long time for this, but there is one little caveat.” Tyler leans forward with interest. “You can’t see them. One of my friends is married and what a scandal it would be if anyone knew that she had an affair!” Jessa handed Tyler a blindfold. “You also can’t touch, there is no touching allowed because you might find out their identities.” Tyler reluctantly agrees.

Jessa has yet another secret, but this one is from Brooklyn. She has promised her dear friend that she will leave before it gets too hot in the room, but her plan is to have sex with her brother. She wants a threesome with her sexy friend, Brooklyn, and her brother, and Jessa is such a clever girl, she knows just how to arrange it.

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