MissaX – Jill Kassidy and Whitney Wright – The Wrong Way (part1)

Sometimes my thoughts are so loud that I can’t hear what’s around me. My step-father talks to me about his day. I hear some key words and nod politely, just so he thinks I’m paying attention. I can’t help but think about how lucky I am. God smiled at me when he brought this man into my home. I mean, look at him.. he’s perfect, like one of those Roman statues, except with a bigger cock. I bet his cock is perfect, like that guy in the porn, big huge, uncircumcised, dripping with pre-cum for me, his little kitten to lap up. Wonder how big it is? It’s got to be big, right, just look at his hands. They say a man’s cock is as big as his middle finger to the end of his palm.. so what.. he’s got to be like 9 inches long? Can my little pussy even take 9 inches?”
Chad, “And it was nine inches, can you believe it?”
I panic. Have I been speaking? Are we really talking about his cock? “huh?”
“The cake, kitten, it’s what I was telling you about. The bosses bought celebration cake for the promotions. Neapolitan style, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, 9 inches deep, it was unbelievable. I wanted to save a piece for you but everyone in the office gobbled it up before I had a chance.”
The air escapes out of my lungs, “Oh it’s alright..” I relax, I’m alright. How humiliating woudl it be if he knew I was drooling over him, maybe he thinks I’m drooling over that stupid cake at his office. I got lucky this time, but I need to say something… what can I plan to get closer to him? “Congratulations, we should celebrate,” I scoot in closer, smile sweetly, and try not to glance at his dress pants. Did I ever tell you how much I love men’s dress pants? I fucking love how thin the cotton-poly blend is, sometimes when a man is standing or sitting at just the right angle you can see the outline of his cock. I would love to see a real penis, not just one on the computer, but a real one to touch, to taste..
Chad interrupts my thoughts, “thank you kitten, but I’m so exhausted. I thought we could just chill out tonight. Maybe you want a movie night?”
Movie night, yes.. “with pizza?” I immediately cringe after I said that. It’s so little-girlish of me, and I am eighteen years old now. I want to be seen as an adult. A woman. I am a woman that wants this man, this man that I am not supposed to have. My stomach gurgles, I could use some pizza, but I would much rather have daddy’s sausage.
“Sounds perfect,” he smiles at me. I love it when he smiles at me. “I’m going to take a shower and get into my PJ’s. Don’t run the hot water, ok?”

I nod dismissively, trying to play it cool. “K” He’s going to be naked in the shower. Obviously. My excitement has me thinking the lamest thoughts. I dream of sneaking in. Or maybe..maybe I could do this. I could certainly play it off if it doesn’t go well. I know all the excuses I could make. Make a list, quick! 1. I had to grab my shampoo out of the shower because I needed to take a shower as well, in the shower upstairs, of course. 2. It’s a big shower, I figured we’d shower together. What’s the big deal? Two birds, one stone. 3. Uh.. ok, my hand is touching the bathroom door now. I hear the shower running. I don’t have time to make up a third excuse. Two has got to be enough.
My step-daddy is stroking his penis. I see him facing away from me, the warm water hitting his face and chest. His arm is propping him muscular body up as he strokes himself. I can’t really see it, but I have a great view of his naked muscular ass.
“Yes, yes, YES! It’s just like one of those porn cliches. I should take off my clothes and join him. He wouldn’t resist me. Oh but.. this is reality. What if he watches daddy/daughter porn because he likes the power-play between the daddy and daughter. What if he’s into submissive chicks and not really dreaming about having sex with me?
Chad moans, “oh fuck yes.. kitten..”
“Kitten?! That’s MY nickname. He wants me. C’mon Whitney, GO, get in the shower with him. Drop to your knees and..
Chad shuts off the water.
I panic. I run. I run and I leave the bathroom door open. Will he notice? Oh fuck me, fuck my whole entire stupid life. I am a stupid girl. I am a stupid virgin girl, I’ll be alone, never looking at another man because the man I love most doesn’t want me! I try to stifle the tears. Daddy can always tell when I am crying.
Whitney, “I’m a coward.”
I open my armoire to grab my flannel pajamas. I hesitate. I know I have a satin nightie. It’s technically my mom’s. I stole it from her bedroom before she left us, me and my step-daddy. I hold up the satin nightie to my body. I feel good. I feel sexy. The silk charmeuse feels light and liquid under my fingertips.
Maybe I’m not an idiot. Maybe.. maybe.. I just have to be sure he won’t refuse me.

Watch the story unfold..

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