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“Your mind is like a hard drive, it’s burned with memories, cognitive functions, and a constant demand for direction, comfort and happiness. The three main forces that drive us are a need for direction, comfort and happiness, and sometimes parts of our brain get in the way of what we want the most.
I have created a chemical that allows your mind to be flooded with complete comfort and happiness, mostly in the form of dopamine, but it allows the pesky and stress-ridden human parts of the brain to relax, like the neocortex for complex thought or the amygdala that triggers emotional response. It’s almost like when you’re driving down a deserted road. Imagine the sun has almost set, you’re brain is relaxed, you’re happy because you’re performing an easy task in the comfort of your car, and your happy because you have no emotional reasons to make the job difficult… and so.. you put your car on auto-drive.
Krissy looks at her step-son in awe and confusion, “its like being zoned out?”
Chad nods, “But not entirely zoned out. Although you will have no control over your body, your mind is still fully aware of what is going on. You can learn, you can relax and consider different possibilities that the amygdala oftentimes masks. There are many people who struggle with emotional disorders that would love a brief or permanent break from reality, or prisoners with behavior disorders that cause themselves and others harm that could benefit from a human AI experience.
Krissy’s eyes are wide she recoils
Chad, “Of course, it’s a consensual experience.”
Krissy rubs her forehead, “I just don’t get why anyone would want to put themselves at the mercy and direction of someone else. I know is popular, but this seems so radical.. so..” Chad interrupts eager to explain, “Remember last week when Dad said he wished he had the capacity to work all night long without tiring out? Data entry is menial work. He could have went under my AI program, and when I woke him, he would feel rested as if he slept in his bed a full eight hours.”
Krissy recalls Chad’s past test subjects, You found this to be true with your mice?”

Chad nods, “and also with Sicily, but she never took the full dose.”
“I’ve always wanted to learn a new language but never had the patience for it. You could put on a language program and sit me in front of the computer.”
Chad shrugs his shoulders, “if that’s what you’d want”
Krissy, “and it’s safe? I know you’re a smart boy, but you think it’s safe enough?”
Chad nods, “safe and temporary.. you’ll take enough to turn you into a humanoid Robo- mom for 30 minutes.”
“Alright, I’m game!”
Chad being the thoughtful stepson wonders if she is completely okay, “Alright? You sure about this, this is consensual?”
“Yes, absolutely, I’m excited”

Watch the story unfold..

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