MissaX – Krissy Lynn & Jill Kassidy – Taboo Triangle Ep. 2

Jill suspects that her mom is cheating on her most beloved father, which whom, she’s not sure, but she knows that something is amiss. She decides to lay a trap. She writes a sexy letter with handcuffs and a blindfold into a gift box, she lays out a white plume, and lights a jasmine-scented massage oil candle. She hides out in the closet and waits to see what her mother will do. She WILL catch her cheating, and she’s going to take photos as evidence.

It’s the perfect plan, until her boss calls her. She answers her phone, “Oh hello Ms Fabrejey. Are you sure you need me today? It’s my day off. But ma’am, with all due respect, it will take me 20 minutes to bring you the coffee, but only 5 minutes to get it yourself.” Jill immediately regrets her choice of words, and she back peddles, “No, of course, Insolent? That was not my intention.. Oh yes, yes course I am very grateful for my job. Oh yes, ma’am. I’ll leave right away! One Venti Caramel Macchiato, Soy, Extra Shot, Extra hot, extra whip, and sugar free coming up!” She gets off the phone rolls. her eyes and scurries out the door just as her mother is entering the bedroom. Damn her terrible luck. She pushes the gas pedal down hard on the way to the coffee shoppe cursing her bad luck the entire way. She will hurry and try to catch her mom in the act, and when she does, she will make her pay.

Meanwhile.. Chad sees his naked mother bound and blindfolded. He’s confused and immediately turned on. He reads the note on the bedside table, furrows his brow. He touches her face, her lips Krissy, “It looks as if I’m all tied up, what will you do with me?” she giggles cutely. Chad grabs his mother by the throat, “are you trying to make me jealous?” He feels a mixture of lust and frustration as his fingers dig into her flesh. Krissy smiles, bites her lip nervously, “What are you talking about, baby?” Chad scoffs, “I know dad is too straight laced to pull off something like this” Krissy, “Chad, you wrote that note.”

Chad loosens his grip on her throat, if she wants to play the innocent naughty girl, then he will fuck her like a naughty little mommy. He kisses her aggressively, he looks over her body hungrily. My God, she is a vision. He takes out his throbbing cock and presses it into her tight little pussy, he’s going to fuck his mommy like a little whore.

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