MissaX – Mandy Flores – Predatory Photographer

Mandy from Kanas saw an advertisement for a model from Miss Missa X, world famous photographer. She submitted her photos, and was so surprised when Missa asked her to come to her home for a trial shoot. Mandy shows up and Missa practically undresses Mandy with her eyes, she’s turned on by this country bumpkin but not so sure if she’s ready for Hollywood.

Missa brings Mandy upstairs to her home studio and asks her to “strike a sexy pose.” Adorable, sweet Mandy juts her hips from left to right, giving it all she’s got. Missa frowns, she’s not satisfied with Mandy’s conservative skirt. Missa hands Mandy a short, flashy, sequin skirt and urges her to try it on. Mandy reluctantly agrees, embarrassed that she is to get dressed in front of Missa and wear such a scandalous skirt. Missa flashes her camera instructing her to loosen up. She grabs her body, making Mandy cringe with shame and embarrassment. Mandy burns on the inside as Missa checks out her tits, and wants to see “pink.” Mandy’s legs are growing longer, and she doesn’t realize, her breasts get larger, popping her bra and the buttons on her blouse. Mandy’s head is in a daze as she shifts uncomfortably from left to right, forces an uncomfortable smile as Missa remarks on her body.

Missa notices that Mandy is getting taller, she now has to look up at the petite 5’3 woman. “Are you getting taller, honey?” The thought is preposterous and Missa shakes it off concentrating on Mandy’s perfectly hard nipples *flash, flash.* Mandy’s feet burst our of the slutty heels that Missa made her wear, her head starts to get very close to the ceiling.

Mandy flushes with embarrassment as she realizes that she is an amazon woman. Missa’s eyes light up, “You can make it in Amazon Babes Magazine!” The room begins to shake as Mandy’s head tests the strength of the plaster ceiling, some dust falls down. “Hey! That’s enough now,” Missa proclaims, “stop that, you will ruin my studio!” Mandy feels the embarrassment burn within her once more, and she feels another surge of growth busting her through the ceiling. Mandy cautiously opens her eyes and looks out over the luxurious homes. She looks at her body, “I feel so… powerful.” She looks down at Missa, Missa is standing in the room looking up at her through the hole in the roof. Mandy picks Missa up by her dress.

Missa’s camera and limbs dangle as Mandy holds Missa high in the sky. Mandy feels hot, confident, she knows she’s going to be famous with her stunning giantess body. “Don’t get a big head, honey, you’re going to need ME for an Agent!” Mandy laughs at how Missa, “well I am hungry..” Missa is desperate to win back her prize model, “how about I order you a pizza?” She considered Mandy’s massive size, “..maybe you’ll need a dozen?” Mandy looks intensely at Missa, licks her lips, I think I’d prefer a nice lean piece of meat.” Missa trembles. “..wait a minute!” Mandy opens her mouth and teasingly dangles Missa inside. Missa can see Mandy’s pretty pink tonsils. Mandy drops Missa inside of her mouth tasting her, rolling her around on her tongue before she swallows her down the deep canal of her esophagus. Mandy smiles with satisfaction, “maybe I’ll find someone to keep you company,” she says to Missa inside of her belly.

Mandy walks through the Hollywood Hills, her feet crushing the perfectly manicured lawns. She accidentally steps on a house, “oops! Sorry.” She liked the powerful feeling of crushing a mansion with just step. She watches as people scatter running as she comes along another mansion, she leans down beside it, resting her giant head on her hand, she effortlessly lifts her breasts and crushes the mansion. Mandy brushes the debris off her body and walks through the city. She sees the famous Hollywood letters, and crushes it with her feet.

Mandy hears an air raid siren, and police sirens echo in the distance. She giggles knowing they are here for her. The police have her surrounded, their steel barrels pointed right at her. She listens to the chief of police, “Surrender giant woman. You are under arrest.” Mandy brushes her beautiful hair to the side and sniffs the cop. “Mmm.. I am in the mood for bacon,” she leans in and grabs the policeman.

Don’t feel sorry for Missa and the policeman. After all, wouldn’t it be your ultimate fantasy to satisfy the most gorgeous giantess in the world? Mandy burps with satisfaction.

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