MissaX – Mandy Flores – She Hulk Anger Management (Part 1)

Dear Friends,

Many of my beloved transformation fans have requested I hire a She Hulk. I didn’t want just any She Hulk. She must have the perfect combination of fierce femininity, a goddess-like face, with a toned, strong body. I took the plunge to travel 2000 miles to her. YOU decide with your purchases if you want me to continue on with the She Hulk fetish. I have given you my all, the best editing that I am capable of, and I promise to continue to study effects to improve! Thank you for all of your kind emails, urging me to take this risk. May I present you with, SHE HULK: Anger Management.

Part 1: Mandy is a bratty little High School girl. She is getting chewed out for her inability to control herself. She seems to hold her anger within herself, she lets it fester, build, and the changes start to take place. She doesn’t realize what she is doing, it’s like a dream to her, she clenches her and her jaw, she hopes not to change into the sexy She Hulk. The eroticism of the transformation takes over her, her pussy wet, her bones lengthen and she stands tall. She is a statue of perfection, and she poses with the grace of a female body builder: strong, toned, and ready to take whatever she wants

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