MissaX – Mommy’s Mad – Summer Day (2018.05.09)

Summer’s step-dad is laying on the sofa with a blanket, it’s 2:30 in the morning. Summer tip toes down the steps, Chad hears her and sits up, “baby?” Summer, “did she throw you out again?”​ ​ “Honey, we just had a disagreement. You know how she can be, she’ll forget all of this in the morning”​ ​ Summer​ moves in as she’s done hundreds of times, “scoot over,” as she bumps her knee against his torso. Chad obediently scoots over, he huffs, ” “only for a second, she can’t see that your sleeping with me.”​ ​ Summer ​nuzzles her face into her stepfather’s chest, “put your arms around me, tell me you love me”​ ​ “I love you very much baby girl.”​ ​ Summer​’s blue eyes look up at her stepfather,​ “is it true what she said? I heard her yelling?”​ ​ Chad​ feels a pit in his stomach. He knows they were arguing but how loud? Did Summer hear, he tentatively asks​ , “is what true?”​ ​”I s your penis too big for her to take? it hurts her?”​ ​ Chad, “Oh.. sweetheart​,” he clears his throat, “w e don’t need to talk about adult problems.”​​ ​”W ell I am eighteen now, so maybe I have some helpful insight now that I’m an adult too”​ “I know you just mean to help, but you shouldn’t listen in on private conversations”​​ “I wasn’t intentionally listening in, she was yelling. I think she’s unhappy, and she’s been this way for a long time, and she’s making you unhappy.”​​ ​Chad feels Summer’s body nuzzle up to him. Summer runs her little hand across his chest, playing with his chest hair. It feels good, it feels wrong. “Y o​u​ you want me to get a glass of water for you, then you can go on up to bed​? .”​​ “I want to sleep here with you,” she cuddles in.. “mm.. you feel so good.. you smell so good, I like your hairy chest.. soft​,” she looks into his yes, her blue eyes look so deep, so relaxing. It always soothes her step-father to look into his eyes, to connect in this subtle, yet powerful way. ​Chad remembers his wife, “Y our mother thinks you’re too old to sleep with me, to sit on my lap, and to kiss and cuddle.. we have to make some changes if we want to make her happy again​.​”​​ Summer, “this is not about me, is it?” Summer runs her leg up and down Chad’s, her knee bumping into his penis​, her voice is laced with feelings of hurt. It tugs on Chad’s fatherly instincts. He pulls her near.

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