MissaX – Natalia Starr – Desperate Realtor II

Meet Natalia Hawking. She’s a modest woman but has recently started to “up her game” with her wardrobe since she sees the other real estate agents at the firm sell more homes than she does. Her biggest rival is Lisa. Lisa has been the best selling agent every month for the last five months. Natalia burns when she hears clients say, “I think I’ll check out some places downtown,” that Lisa’s region. Of course Lisa gets the best selling region, and she dresses so sleazy, her button down blouse unbuttoned to reveal the lace gore of her bra, the black miniskirts, and the ridiculously expensive heels with the red bottoms. Natalia would to have the downtown region, but her region is rural. “It’s okay,” she tells herself, “at least you have dignity.”
Her boss calls her and Natalia composes herself before she answers the phone. Natalia has already had a hard conversation in her boss’ office last week. Her boss will fire her if she doesn’t sell a home this week and today is Saturday, her last chance.
“With all due respect, sir, you oftentimes send clients to me who are interested in modern condos, and I’m trying to sell them large country homes. If we could sort out the buyers by what type of home they are looking for, we could sell more homes. Natalia hears her boss grunt, “Lisa can sell a condo to a man looking for a country home, you just need to find your chutzpa.” Natalia hears the doorbell, “that’s him! Wish me luck.”
“You’re going to need it,” he says. She says goodbye and shuffles to the door. What did he mean? She feels her heart pound, a lump in her throat, she tries to compose herself as she opens the door. She knows this is her last chance. I will sell this house. I will sell this house. I WILL SELL THIS HOUSE! She opens the door, “Hello Jay! Welcome to the Bryer Estate, come right on in and make yourself at home.”

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