MissaX – Natalia Starr – Grin and Share It

Natalia and her husband are best friends with Jay, her brother, and his wife Allie. Natalia knows Allie is a big wine-fan so she scheduled a tour to their local vineyard with her husband. She told her husband, “allow me to spend some time alone with my brother, I sense that something is wrong.” Her kind husband agreed to take Allie on the tour without them. Jay had no idea his sister has schemed this plan to be alone with him.
Natalia has an agenda, she wants a baby, and she knows her husband doesn’t have the genetics she hopes her baby would have, so she wants Jay to gift her the sperm. Invitro is expensive, and well, she’s always wanted to feel Jay explode inside of her. Natalia and Jay fooled around when they were young, and Jay put a stop to it, “it’s not right,” he explained. Natalia accepted it, but still feels horny around him years later. She loves everything about Jay, he’s handsome, he’s smart, he’s tall, athletic, and she’s known him since she was 2, she’s grew up with his handsome and gifted family, and she’s convinced Jay’s seed is perfect for her baby

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