MissaX – Sarah Vandella – Blackmailing Student For Sperm Supply II

Life is not always fair,” Mrs. Vandella explains to Robby, “I know you’re scared but promise it will be over in a second. Robby trembles in a mixture of terror and excitement. Mrs. Vandella has had her predatory eyes on Robby all year. She has closely measured his intelligence, his exceptional handsome face, his strong body, and the large bulge that shows at times under his tight fitting trousers. He’s the one to give her his seed.
“I need a baby, baby,” she says with her sweet baby girl smile but her eyes show her determination. She will get what she wants from him, he has no option. Robby is a muscular boy who could overpower her physically, but Mrs. Vandella is a teacher, an authority figure, and he’s just a naughty boy in detention. He can’t run, he can’t explain his way out of this predicament. There is no going back, he has to do exactly as she tells him to, his cock twitches, he feels the heavy thickness drip in his underwear. He’s dreamt about being with her a million times, but not like this, he has to give her what she wants. “I promise you,” she purrs, “you’ll remember this day for the rest of your life.”

Mrs. Vandella is married, she explains that she loves her husband but his genetics are not to his liking. “I love him but he’s not as handsome as you, nor as bright, but his hair is curly like yours, and his eyes are the same shade of hazel, no one will suspect a thing.” Mrs. Vandella demands that her baby not be muddled with his unfortunate genetics. “I need you,” she tells him. Robby is terrified when he sees the medication she wants to inject him with. Ms. Vandella explains that the medicine is to clam his nerves, but also give him a strong load full of lively sperm, and she needs it deep, deep into her hungry, aching pussy.

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