MissaX – Sarah Vandella, Robby Echo – Never Wake A Sleep Walker V

I want to sleep with my mother. I know there would be no way for me to seduce her, to trick her into thinking I am Dad, there’s no way she would sleep with me because I am her son, unless, I play to her weakness. My mom is a care taker, a protector, and if I let on that I need the sex or else my heart could stop, then she would give it up to me. I know you’re thinking this is a far shot, but hear me out.
It all started when I was in the school’s auditorium as these doctors where there giving a speech about the importance of sleep. They were there because a lot of over-achievers were taking ritalin to stay awake to get scholarship-worthy grades. One of the side effects of taking this drug was sleep walking. My buddy raised his hand in the middle of the presentation and asked, “I heard if you wake a sleep walker, they’ll d.1e?” I scoffed at how dumb my friend is until the doctor mentioned, “there is some truth to that, but please, questions after the presentation.” I didn’t hear a word of the presentation after that, all I could do was fantasize about doing whatever the hell I wanted to my Mom, just “pretend sleep walking.” She couldn’t wake me, she loves me so much, she’s so anal retentive about my health and stuff. I pick up some pamphlets at the end of the speech. I lay them out in the open in my bedroom, and presto! Mom starts asking me if I have a sleep problem.

I lie. I tell her how I believe I am sleep walking and I’m afraid of the dangers of it. She listened in horror as I told her about how I could end up six feet under if I am woken while sleep walking. She pet my head and told me she would call the doctor. I was pretty fucking impressed that I pulled it off, but also scared that the doctor would discover I was lying.

That night I ‘fake’ sleep walked right out the door and looked into her bedroom window. She was taking off her satin blouse with pearl buttons, her hair was let down and blonde ringlets were cascading around her bare shoulders. I could see her areolas under? her sheer bra, then she caught me. I closed my eyes and started wandering around outside aimlessly.

Cut to three days later, I was getting out of the sleep walking institute. I kept up my show, pretending to sleepwalk when I was there while I was hooked up with wires to monitor my heart rate and stuff. Doctors are really fucking stupid, they bought it, they believed my lie. I thought it would feel like prison at the sleep institute. but it wasn’t all that bad. I ate a lot of jello, watched some talk shows, and jerked off in the women’s bathroom listening to the nurses pee. Three days went by pretty fast.

Mom was told by the doctor to wait up and make sure that I don’t hurt myself if I sleep walk. They put me on this medication (which I’ve been secretly spitting out) that’s supposed to put me into such a deep sleep that I won’t get up and wander around The doctor told Mom about how we just try to get our needs fulfilled when we are sleep walking, thirst, hunger, or exercise, and to keep watch, don’t wake me, and make sure I don’t hurt myself. Mom hung on everything the doctor said. I couldn’t wait to get into bed that night. I was going to get so hard that Mom was going to have to fulfill another instinct, well she just had to, unless she wanted me to d!e.

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