MissaX – Sasha Carmine – First Time For Everything (27-06-2017)

Sasha is running home from school, her whole world feels like it’s crumbling down. She thought her boyfriend would be “the one” after three and a half weeks of dating him, but now he’s interested in Sarah Shultz. Sarah gives “blow-jay’s,” and apparently that’s important to guys. If that’s not bad enough, her boss at PJ World at the mall never appreciates her, and last week she cleaned the whole house top-to-bottom and her Dad pointed out the streaks in the window! She feels so small, unappreciated, and she’s got to talk to her Mom. She grabs her keys out of her backpack and unlocks the door, “Moooooom,” she yells out. Sasha has a very special, close bond with her mother, and she knows she’ll be able to soothe her, tell her what to do, how to get her boyfriend back. “Mom!” Her mom is usually home at 3:30 in the afternoon but she can’t find her, she starts to panic, until she hears her brother stir around in his bedroom. “Hmm,” she thinks to herself, “second best to Mom, he might be able to tell me what to do with myself.”

She opens the door as Johnny is pulling his pants up. Poor John thought he would use the opportunity of an empty house to stroke his cock to his iPad. Sasha doesn’t notice instead she starts rattling off her woes to her brother, her brother breathes deeply, he knows his sister can be over dramatic. John listens and his eye widen as he hears Sasha hash out the problem on her own. “I’ve got to get revenge,” she tells him, “I’ve got to make him see how desired I am,” she looks at John. John looks at her with confusion until she surprises him with a quick peck on the lips. John recoils, “Sash!” Sasha explains that she needs to send a few pics of her kissing a hot guy, he has no clue who her brother is, and it’ll drive him mad with jealousy. John shakes his head, “no, I can’t be a part of that.” Sasha knows if she can get close enough, she can kiss, kiss, kiss him to change his mind. He fights her off until she starts to use her tongue. John lets go of his inhibitions, he melts into her. She starts to kiss him, down his neck, his stomach, and then his senses come back to him. He sweetly pushes her off of him. “We can’t, I’m so sorry baby.” Sasha hates it when he calls her “baby,” Dad calls her baby when she’s doing something wrong. Sasha tries to persuade him with her sweet looks, her desperate pleading. John half heartedly listens to her, he looks at his iPad, his cock is hard from feeling Sasha’s tongue in his mouth, he can’t wait to stroke himself off. “Baby, maybe you should just take a cold shower, mellow out,” he tells her condescendingly. She looks at him in disbelief of his indifference to help her. He tells her, “please, go to your room.” She’s disappointed, hurt, and oh.. she’s got to go to her room to think it through. Fuck– he’s right. She slams the door so he knows for certain she’s hella pissed off.

She devises a wicked plan. Oh, yes– it is a little messed up, but she’s going to have it all. She’s going to have her way. She’ll learn how to give a phenomenal BJ, and she’s going to get back at her boyfriend. She just has to wait until the middle of the night. She brushes her hair thinking about all the tools she will need: sharp scissors, a cell phone, a hot satin nightie, and her bubblegum lipgloss.

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