MissaX – The Rising Tide – Cecilia Lion & Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte Stokely is at home, alone, again. She’s used to it since her husband works late so often. She hears his tablet buzz, she walks away from it, it buzzes once more. She texts him that he left his tablet at home again, but he doesn’t text back. Buzz, buzz, it keeps annoying Charlotte by buzzing, she opens it to turn it off and then she sees the text exchange! She’s reading him SEXT another woman, Cecilia Lion. He has the tablet hooked up to his phone and she’s watching him virtually cheat on her, LIVE. She can’t peel her eyes away when Cecilia turns on her live cam. Charlotte is taken aback when she sees Cecilia, and all in a moment her jealousy melts into attraction. Charlotte’s pussy begs for her to touch it, and her hand shakes as she masturbates to this woman, the. other. woman. The next day she arranges to meet Cecilia. Cecilia comes over her house and Charlotte can hardly keep her cool. She wants revenge, but more than revenge on her cheating husband, she wants Cecilia. Watch the story unfold..

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