MissaX – Whitney Wright, Jill Kassidy – The principle of causality (2018.06.23)

Jill hugs her teddy bear, “But what if we get caught?”
Whitney sends her last text message of the night with a swipe of her finger, she looks at Jill and rolls her eyes, “don’t be such a baby, we’re not going to get caught.”
“Ok, well maybe we just TP her house and forget about pouring sugar in her gas tank.”
Whitney puts down her phone and stares at Jill with her practiced serious expression, “Why do I have the feeling you’re going to ruin everything”
Jill is quick to reassure her best friend, “I won’t.”
“We’re going to pull up to her house and you’re going to pussy out.”
“No way, we’re in this together.”
Whitney tries to convince her friend to her way of thinking, “tell me she doesn’t deserve it.”
“Yeah, but..” Whitney cuts her off, “No Jill, this bitch has it coming.”

Watch the story unfold..

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