MissMia – Cumwalk after shopping! – Nach dem Einkaufen Spermawalk

Mia is blowing her friend in a clothing mall’s changing room while there’s public noise, voices and music playing. She soon is turning to a handjob for it better fits the aim of getting her face that well-earned beauty treatment.

The man’s breathing fastens and a big dollop misses, landing on Mia’s jacket forming a pearly brooch, another strand hits her nose and the rest of his cum is then smeared around her mouth and chin. Excellent! She’s ready for a walk, a cum walk.

She walks through the mall heading for the exit and starts a city trip, while people pass and occasionally gaze at her direction, she’s even laughed at by two male passers-by. It’s a pretty long walk, those legs clad in jeans and high heeled boots are marching a fine cum parade until she stops at the entrance of another clothing mall and the screen fades to black.

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