Mistress T – The Only Dinner You Get Is From My Ass

You come home from work to a gorgeous wife like Mistress T. She is there waiting for you. Perched as sexy as can be on the kitchen counter. She tells you that she has noticed how obsessed you are with her ass. You keep staring at it, grabbing it, sniffing it and licking it every chance you get. You love the feel of it when she sits on your face. You’re addicted to her ass and that is your weakness. She is going to change your life tonight because of your addiction to her ass.

She announces that she is making you a special hot dinner tonight. VERY special. Since you love everything about her ass, you should also love everything that comes OUT of her ass. She orders you to pull out your cock and start stroking it as she slides forward on the counter. She turns and presents her magnificent ass to you. She parts her cheeks and orders you to connect to her ass and prepare for your meal. She starts to feed you your dinner and at the same times she is commanding you to stroke your cock harder and harder. From now on, you will be her toilet everyday. You will consume all of her waste. You are only allowed to cum while eating her waste. This is your new life and you hurry home from work every day after today to re-live it all over again.

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