Nina Hartley – Hardly Studying With Mrs. Hartley

Nina Hartley is imagining what she is going to do to her new young student.. She is laid back on her bed, in see-through black lingerie. There is a knock on the door and Nina yells “Come in!”.. Her young student walks in, “Hey…..Mrs. Hartley…” She thanks him for coming over on a weekend. He needs to study, and she explains that everyone learns differently. Some people learn by listening, by watching…and some people learn by doing. Mrs.Hartley places her student’s hand on her breasts. She makes sure that her student doesn’t have a girlfriend, and explains that her and her husband have an “understanding”. She begins to kiss her student, and he slowly pinches her nipples. “Until I say no..don’t do that, I will probably like whatever you do.” Mrs. Hartley says to her young student, before grabbing his cock through his pants. She invites him to get more comfortable in her bed, and asks what exactly he likes. He explains he likes blowjobs…ass.. normal things that a young boy enjoys. He removes Mrs.Hartley’s see-through cover, and Mrs.Hartley bends over his lap. He begins to rub and smack her ass…and Mrs. Hartley loves it.

“If you spank me long enough to get your cock hard… I bet I’ll find a place to put it!” Mrs.Hartley jumps on top of her student and begins to straddle him. He makes out with Mrs. Hartley. Mrs.Hartley makes her student take off his shorts, and then straddles him again. She starts to rub his cock with her hands. “Girls these days have lost the art of the hand job!” Mrs.Hartley rubs his balls and the tip of his cock. She begins to suck on his balls, and his cock. She makes her student jerk his cock while she plays with her pussy. Mrs. Hartley then jumps on top of his cock, and slowly works his cock deep inside of her. She jumps off and begins to suck his cock again.. “I love sucking cock in-between positions, because I love the cock!” Mrs. Hartley lays on her back, and lets her student lick her pussy as she lays back and moans in pleasure. He shoves his cock back inside of his teacher, making her scream out in pleasure. He slams his cock in and out of Mrs. Hartley as she lays to she side, “God this is such good cock!” Mrs. Hartley asks to suck his cock again, and slurps and chokes all on his cock. Mrs.Hartley bends over and lets her young student fuck her from behind. She bounces her ass up and down on his cock. Mrs. Hartley then jumps back on top and rides her young student’s cock. “Man, that’s really good cock… “ She lays back down on her back, as he continues to pound her pussy until he cums all over her. “Well…I guess I will see you in class.”

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