OnlyFans – Chloe Wildd – Freak on a Leash

Chloe Wildd enters in a sexy black outfit with collar, Wanders about a bit whilst her guy makes various Pidgeon-English comments and generally just sounds a bit like a perv. Camera cuts to static cam where a man who looks a little bit like ‘Action Man’ affixes a collar to young Chloe. To be fair, if I was there with her I wouldn’t want her to sober up and run off either. He sort of holds her lead whilst she wanders nowhere in particular on all 4s. Nice view of her arse, mind. Back to Handheld POV where she now does some low rent ‘sexy dancing’ – get that over with and it’s onto the dick sucking which is also POV. Some Oil appears and her arse is oiled up, he rams in a finger and a few seconds later I guess she is ready and sits back on his penis in cowgirl. After a while she gets off, turns around and sucks his dick – filthy. We then go Doggy Anal (POV) where this Action Man lad has at this point disproved Richard Ashcroft – the Drugs clearly DO work – as he is still smashing away. We change to Standing Doggy anal for a laugh and then she is back sucking it again. We then go back to static cam whilst she lays on her back on a cheap DFS sofa and gets her cornhole bashed in a bit more. We next smashcut to an image of her on all 4s again and him jerking a load out onto her arse. She sucks it again for good measure.

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