Paige Steele, Svnflowerqueen – The Secretary

Looks like the office was flooded so my boss has me go to her place to finish filing paperwork. She has me go into her room to get the documents when I see something familiar….. I’ve definitely seen this handlebar in a movie before. I try it on, shove the papers in my mouth and sit ready at her feet. She goes to change into something sexy so she can properly dominate me. Comes out to spank and paddle me with my ass in the air, shoving my face into the ground as she steps on my face. After some punishing she puts her strap on to fuck my face till I’m all sloppy and drooly. She smears my spit all over my face before throwing me on the couch and fucking me. End with her sitting her huge ass on my face while I eat her pussy. Come out with my eyelashes clinging on for dear life.

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