Phatassedangel69 – Bad Mommy – The Desire

This is part two of my Bad Mommy series. Link for the devious first chapter is below… Ever since that incredible night the two of you spent together a few weeks ago, things have been…tense. Your mom has been avoiding you, it’s been awkward. You can tell the desire is still there, but she obviously feels regretful about letting things get so out of hand between the two of you. One morning before school and work, she approaches you in the kitchen saying she needs to talk to you. She proceeds to explain that what happened was wrong, and won’t be happening again. She is firm but nervous. She says it was just an accident, a mistake, something that needs to be forgotten about forever. She can tell you’re a little heartbroken, which she wasn’t expecting… her secret satisfaction in knowing you really want her sneaks across her face but is quickly hidden. She apologizes and starts to act more sweetly towards you again. She hates to think what would happen if you were ever caught… The bus pulls up outside and she ushers you out the door. You can’t help but think she didn’t truly mean what she said… she still wants you, the sexual and emotional connection is undeniable. Later on that day… Mom is alone in her office at work, accidentally day dreaming while she ignores her computer work. She can’t escape these thoughts of you two together the other week. She looks around to make sure no one is near by, she closes and locks her office door and pulls out a small vibrator from her desk. She searches for a picture of you and sets it up on her desk facing her. She checks her doorway one last time before she sits back in her chair and brings herself to a leg shaking orgasm while she is looking at your photo. Flustered, embarrassed, and somewhat ashamed, she slams her toy back into her drawer and closes out her phone as quickly as possible. Mom comes home from work that evening and things are still tense and uncomfortable. You can tell she’s exhausted and stressed. You tell her that you’d love to help her relax, it’s the least you could do after how worried she was this morning. She is very reluctant but you promise her no funny business and pressure her until she agrees. She goes to run a bath upstairs and says she would love a shoulder massage after she’s done. She is very sweet and grateful, but slightly anxious about the whole thing. You spy on her while she gets ready for her bath, you watch her through the slightly open door and wait for her to get nice and relaxed in the tub. It will be the perfect moment to interrupt her… You know she’s thinking about you, even if she won’t admit it to you. You decide to take her by surprise, you know she won’t be able to resist you. You take out your cock and start slowly stroking it as you stand above her. She hears you and opens her eyes, at first she is shocked and speechless. Stumbling over her words, she makes a feeble attempt to cover up what you’ve already seen. Shes flustered and half way attempts to get angry and upset with you but you can see in her eyes how badly she wants you. You tell her not to fight it. Her expression slowly changes, you recognize that look in her eyes. She’s going to give in… she wants you too badly. Her own son! She can’t resist. She sits up and puts her hand on your cock. She gets more and more animalistic, she looks deep into your eyes and tells you to fuck your mommy. You have SUCH a bad mommy… You take her and throw her onto the bed, you start to fuck her in missionary. She feels so good. She is clearly in love with every inch of you. She orgasms and then begs you to fuck her from behind. She begs you to cum inside of her. She fucks you back and moans in ecstacy. After cumming, she basks in joy of the creampie you’ve just given her. She really did want to make this whole crazy disgusting thing stop but… she can’t resist. There’s just something so different, so special about being with her son like this. And she doesn’t want to stop.

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