PKF Studios – Stella Pharris – Gordon Bats Zero

After a long day of work at the library, Babs, crawls into bed while it is still light, snuggling in for a long, restful sleep.

A man enters the room. He sets up a camera, planning to record everything his is about to do. Standing next to the sleeping girl, he strips all his clothes
off. He had been watching her at the library. Her father was the cause of all his pain and now, she would pay for his sins. He whipped the covers off of her and forced the half-asleep, shocked girl to suck his cock. After he was done, he beat the crying sobbing girl around, then raped her in multiple positions until he emptied his load deep inside her. He grabbed the camera on his way out as the girl curled up crying and bruised.

Weeks later, the man is sitting in a nice house. He is explaining to his friend his current grift. Unbeknownst to him, Babs was back for revenge, this time as her vigilante alter ego, slowly descending the stairs. The man keeps taking, unaware of the imminent danger lurking so close to him.

Now, off the phone, he turns to receive a swift kick from the bat-like vigilante. They fight, but she clearly has the upper hand and it looks like the man is finished. But, somehow he turns the tables and once in control, he never lets her go. As he fumbles with her clothing he discovers her long red locks are a wig, which he pulls off. He had to see who she really was and upon mask removal, he cock stiffens an he realizes it’s Gordan’s daughter. Immediately he starts humiliating her, tearing her down to a sobbing little girl, as he spanks her and, then forces her to suck his cock. Then it is time to get some of that sweet tight pussy he remembered from a few weeks ago.

He fucks her hard and all over the room, wearing her down ad he plunged his cock deep in her soaking wet cunt. During this whole time, he takes video with his phone so he can torment her father later. He decided this would be the last time he sees her. The man, then wraps his
hands around her supple throat and squeezes tight. He loves the feel of her flesh and neck muscles as they resist–as if trying to push back. Her face gives it away, the sheer tear at knowing his is going to kill her. At the same time he feels her cunt locked tight around his cock has he keep fucking her. Fucking and squeezing her neck–it becomes a rhythm as her muscles constrict and loosen in a constant pattern as he murders her. But eventually, she becomes still. He lets go of her throat and the destroyed girl stares blankly. He keeps fucking her. His cock, so hard in the dead girls cunt, builds up then he empties his cum into her. He pulls out, satisfied at the results and leaves to go make arraignments to disappear the body.

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