Primal Fetish – Vampire Temptation – Corruption of the Pure

Part 1: The Touch of a Woman

The Raunchy Rose strip club has been driven out of business by the local Church with plans to make it into an all-hours Mission for those in need of spiritual healing. Sister Kenna is hard at work boxing up the former club’s bottles of spirits.

Suddenly she is not alone. It seems a girl that used to work at the club has come in. Sister Kenna is sweet and pure and wants to help the girl. But, as the gorgeous dark haired young woman talks to her, Sister Kenna starts having thoughts and feelings she has kept at bay for a very long time. Temptations radiate off of the mystery vixen, and soon Sister Kenna is lost in her gaze…

Tattooed temptress Katrina is very pleased to find something to amuse her, an innocent sweet nun, with… secret lesbian desires? Katrina uses her vampiric powers to tempt and mesmerize the sweet Sister until she has her doing every lustful thing she desires. Finally, Katrina gives in to her hunger and feeds. Sister Kenna kicks and thrashes as her life is drained away completely.

Part 2: Lust-Filled Confession

Father Markus is doing his devotions when a lost soul comes in. It appears that the young woman used to work at the club and doesn’t seem to know where to go. Sister Kenna has been missing for the past two nights, and he has been unable to keep the mission open 24 hours a day as planned. The young woman explains she hasn’t eaten in two days, but before she lets him feed her, she wants to make confession.

Once inside the booth, Katrina overwhelms the father with her lust-filled confessions. He listens uncomfortably, trying to keep his composure. He has never heard such things. He needs to escape the temptations he is feeling, but she is suddenly in his side of the booth with him. Her eyes are captivating. Katrina has the Father’s cock out and hard in her hand. Continuing to say such dirty sinful things, she begins to feed on him. As his cock explodes, Katrina decides he was so much fun to corrupt that she will spare him for another night. She makes him forget everything but her confession, and she leaves him confused, dazed, and covered in cum.

Part 3: It’s Only a Dream?

Katrina decides to pay a visit to her favorite plaything. Father Markus is in a restless sleep. Suddenly the young woman he had impure thoughts about is upon him. Her eyes are overpowering, and he struggles to free himself, but she tells him that this is all just a dream.

She licks, sucks, fucks, and feeds on the helpless man, leaving him barely alive. Even still, the vampire isn’t quit done with him yet.

Part 4: No Escape from Temptation

Father Markus is desperate for guidance. He is on his knees before the altar when the Sister comes in and kneels beside him. He is overjoyed, until the nun turns and it is the young temptress in disguise. She reveals her true evil, vampiric natures, and the Father runs in fear for the sanctity of his life and his soul. Even now he wants to give himself to her, but he must resist.

The church bells chime in the distance as Father Markus runs down to the club, desperate to escape, when he runs into the Sister Kenna. But she is changed. She has joined the evil temptress in sin.

Katrina smiles as her prey runs into her new convert. She is excited to watch Sister Kenna feed for the first time. And to share the priest’s “last supper,” Katrina satisfies her sexual needs while Sister Kenna feeds. Once Katrina’s appetite is at its peak, she sinks her teeth in, and together they drain him completely.

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