PrimalFetish – Alix Lynx, Rion King – Green Lantern No Will to Resist

The city is quiet for the night, and Green Lantern has tracked sultry villainess Lynx to an empty restaurant. He is quite confident that he can handle the feminine feline, so much so that he fails to notice her subtle attack. Just by walking around him, Lynx has enveloped the Green Lantern with powerful pheromones that weaken his ability to resist her. Before he knows it, he is on his knees worshiping her pussy. Lynx takes advantage of the hero’s vulnerable position to smother him and knock him right out.

Green Lantern comes to strapped down in Lynx’s sadistic lair. Slinking over and rubbing her body on the helpless hero, Lynx shows off the new green ring on her claws. Without his ring, he is without will, without any way to fight back, and without any way to resist. Lynx tells him, “Kitty needs her milk,” and she places a saucer aside. She plans to milk every drop of cum out of him to strengthen her own powers. No matter how many days, or what means, it takes. And the more of his power she consumes and bathes in, the stronger her primal nature gets…

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