Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Mighty Girl – Mind Controlled

Starring Callie Calypso (A deep, flat, and menacing voice speaks. Camera zooms in on a man in a dark purple, caped bodysuit with an Arabian style head covering or anything that you have lying around, and gold crown in front, sitting at a teacher’s desk, while hovering over a P.A. announcement microphone. He has a flat, yet stern, dark face.)

Voice: This message is for Mightygirl, as she, undoubtedly, is the only two-legged bitch on this planet who can hear this frequency. Listen to me very carefully. A bomb is set to be detonated at the Dr. Scwann School in 30 minutes. 223 students currently attend this school; all between the ages of If you want to save them follow my voice and come here in the next two minutes…. or they . They’re waiting for you, Mightygirl as am I. (laughs tyrannically)

(A moment later Mightgirl bursts into the room.)

Voice: (As camera alternated between the shadowy figure and Mightygirl) I am impressed with your haste, Mightygirl. But you needn’t have hurried so.

Supergirl: (Now standing tall and strong with her hands firm on her hips) Where is the bomb?

(The man looks diagonally to the corner of the abandoned school classroom, revealing with a gesture of his face, the dark box on the floor. Mightygirl, under the assumption that this could be the bomb.

Voice: (As he rises from his seat at the desk, slowly and nonchalantly walking towards Mightygirl, but stays a notable distance away.)

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Faust. As you may have noticed, this is indeed, not the kind of bomb you were expecting. In fact, it’s not a bomb at all. If you look closely, you’ll notice that you’re in the middle of a circle on the ground.

(Mightygirl looks down and sees that she in fact, is in the middle of a circle that appears to have been spray painted onto the floor. She looks up, curious, and realizes that she is having a hard time moving. Now, concerned, she looks directly at Dr. Faust, who, with a shot of his face, begins to smile and laugh maniacally.)

Dr. Faust: (speaking out of a deep laugh) Yes, Mightygirl…. It’s magic… own special magic….. You’re going to start finding it hard to control your own body, my dear. And I’m going to start finding it easier! (his laugh grows stronger) Ahhh…..magic….One of the few things you are vulnerable to! Now you get to play my little game! And your consent is not needed!!

(Dr. Faust raises his hand up as he says this last sentence, and shoots his hand at Mightygirl, causing her own hand to grab her own pussy, as her face becomes visually fearful.)

Mightygirl: (under her breath to herself) I….I can’t control it! He’s taking over my mind!! I can’t break free!

(Laughing, Dr. Faust, with his hand in front of him, extended out, begins to move his fingers around at different speeds, as it quickly cuts to Mightygirl’s hand doing exactly the same to her pussy, as her face begins to alternate with pleasure, pain, and fear.)

Mightygirl: (shouting) I’m not going to let you do this!! Dr. Faust: Oh, ho, ho,…..I won’t be doing anything, MightyBITCH!!…….It’s all YOU!!!!

(At this point, Dr. Faust causes her to start ripping off her costume by her crotch and breasts leaving them exposed. With another thrust of his arm, she is forced onto her knees, continuing to forcefully pulsate her pussy, eventually winding up on her back on the floor.)

Mightygirl: You’re not going to get away with this, Faust!! (It becomes clear that the more she resists, the more intense the sensations become.)

(Mightlygirl begins to react more intensely as she tries to fight Faust’s mind control. She begins to feel more and more aroused despite the grimacing, anxious face she makes. Dr. Faust: Yes, that’s right, MightyBITCH! You BETTER get wet! That pussy, that’s under MY control is going to get a lot of action!

Mightygirl: (to herself again) I can’t!….. I can’t let him make me come! I have to fight this!!!

(Dr. Faust starts to kneel down next to Mightygirl, his long cape draped down by his knees. He begins to hover his hand over different parts of her body, as her reacts make it apparent that he is controlling the sensations that she is feeling. Her reactions become more intense, as it is clear that she is close to cumming.)

Dr. Faust: Good…….good!! You’re going to be doing a lot of that! (as she cums) Mightygirl: (screams) I’m cumming I’m cumming…. Good God make it stop. Dr. Faust: (Stands up and backs away from her) Now dance for me and make me want to fuck you.

(Mightygirl has no choice but to dance like a stripper as she is continuing to touch herself as her face is saying shows how she wishes this would stop. After a moment, Dr. Faust throws a dildo to her. She is still able to catch it)

Dr. Faust: You know what you have to do with THIS! (laughs devilishly, as Mightygirl is mindfully forced to get onto her back yet again.)

Mightygirl: NO!!!!! I WILL NOT!!!! I won’t be a show toy for you.

(Mightygirl inserts the oversized dido into her pussy and starts to move it fast and hard.)

Mightygirl: Oh God!!!! You are making me Ravish myself. NOOOOO!!! HELP ME SOME ONE!!! Faust!!! Why don’t you hit me or smack me!!!! But this……..stop doing this to me!!!! Dr. Faust: You heroines are good at taking physical punishment….. but what I am going to do to you will destroy you as a heroine forever. (laughs)

(Mightygirl starts get more and more aroused despite her best efforts to fight. She cums again and drops the dildo to her side. Dr. Faust approaches and hands Mightygirl a vial containing some kind of liquid. Mightygirl is forced by his control to drink the entire vial, and then she falls back onto the floor again.)

Dr. Faust: (pacing around with his hands behind his back as he speaks) What you just drank is my own personal concoction………It has three effects…..two of which I will explain; the last, I will tell to you at the proper time. Firstly, you will begin to notice that you are just a little more privy to the effects of pain that you used to be…….Yes……you will be able to feel, in great detail, everything that will be done to you. Also, your pussy and ass will get tighter, which will only add to your pain, and of course, MY pleasure!

(Dr. Faust kneels down next to Mightygirl as she lay on the floor, and starts playing with her breasts as he begins pinching her nipples almost experimentally, to test the effects of the serum.

Mightygirl: (screaming) Ahhhhhhh!!!! Dr. Faust: Ah Ha Ha! You feel that don’t you!? How about this?

(Dr. Faust places his hands between her legs, forced them apart, exposing her pussy, and then inserts two fingers inside her, while looking away, almost as if he is testing the tightness, due to the effects of the serum.)

Dr. Faust: (In a grunting whisper) Mmmm, nice and tight….

Mightygirl: (more noticeably in pain) Pleeeeas!!! Owwww!! It hurts too much!! Please!……..!!

Mightygirl’s face is clearly expressing pain and humiliation as she continues to cry out. Dr. Faust then begins to lick her clit, now exposing her to pain and pleasure simultaneously, the both of which she cannot fight.)

Mightygirl: No! ……….Not again!!! I won’t….I won’t……I won’t!!!!! (she orgasms again, this time, more intensely due to her new found sensitivities.)

(Dr. Faust, laughing and feeling triumphant, grabs something out of his pocket. Mightygirl can see that it is yet, another vial. Before thinking to herself that it, again, is for her to drink, Dr. Faust drinks it himself, and throws the vial to the other side of the room.)

(Dr. Faust then unzips the pants part of his costume, exposing his erect cock, and begins dangling it in Mightygirl’s face, belittlingly.)

Dr. Faust: Here’s another taste your new found vulnerability! (Dr. Faust thrusts himself into her mouth, as she reluctantly is forced to open it and begins alternating between sucking and gagging.) Yes….that’s right…..mmmm…….

Mightygirl: Ughhhh, I…..can’t…..move… head away……mmmm….uhh!!!!

(After several minutes of this oral torture, Dr. Faust pries her legs apart yet again, and sticks his cock in her pussy. She instantly reacts, as she feels the pain of him thrashing hard down in her newly tightened cunt)

Mightygirl: Nooooooo!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! You’re tearing me apart!!!!!! (in an almost continuous scream)

(Dr. Faust pounds harder and faster until he cums inside of her)

Mightygirl: (as Dr. Faust cums) Oh no!!!! I can feel you exploding in me!!! Oh God!!!! I could get pregnant.!!!! Wait I don’t understand you are still hard!!!

Dr. Faust: Oh yesssss, Mightybitch!! (laughs) The vial I took allows me to have multiple orgasms as well. (Dr. Faust turns her over so she she faces the table with her elbows faced down and starts to push himself against her ass.) Mightygirl: Oh god, I can’t, That is not my pussy!! Please, Ohhhhhhhhh!! Too much!! That is my ass.!!!!!!

(Dr. Faust starts to fuck at slow first and then moves faster and faster.)

Mightygirl: Oh God you are braking my ass!!!! (screams) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! THAT IS MY ASS YOU ARE FUCKING!!!! MY ASS!!! AND YOU’RE RIPPING ME TO SHREDS! Oh please !! I am begging you!!! Tt is like a jackhammer in my ass!! Too much, please!! Too much AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(After a few more minutes Dr. Faust, again, cums in her ass.)


Dr. Faust: Hahaha!!…….. Well………. you are about to suck me off like one!!!!!

(Mightygirl is then forced to suck off Dr Faust until he cums in her mouth. (face, if needed)

Dr. Faust: (Manically laughing) Now,…. I have defeated you for good!!! You see,…. the third effect my serum had on you was to make you fertile!!! And now…… you will have my , and have no time for being a “Mighty” Superheroine!! Ha! Ha! Ha!!

(Closing shot leaves us to see a humiliated and exhausted Mightygirl.

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